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Protection of personal data, privacy policy and cookies



Protection of personal data

The company Pujs d.o.o. respects the privacy of the users of the website and undertakes to carefully protect the obtained personal data and will not forward them to a third party without their consent, or will not use them other than exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes, except in in cases where this data would be requested by a competent state authority, which would have a legal basis for this, and in the event that there is a suspicion of abuse in business by the website user. Data is collected on the basis of the individual’s personal consent and for a specific period of 5 years or, if the Act on the Protection of Personal Data provides otherwise, for the period provided for.

High security standards: The website uses the SSL security system (Secure Socket Layer) for data transfer. The user himself is responsible for the protection of personal data, in such a way as to ensure the security of his username and password and the appropriate software (anti-virus) protection of his computer.

The collection of personal data is stored on the website of the Information Commissioner (

You always have the right to free information where you can check the correctness of your stored data. If you wish, you can contact and send us your request by e-mail or regular mail. After providing the information, all corrections, closures or deletions – to the extent that they are in accordance with the law – will be carried out.


Privacy policy

This privacy policy regulates the collection, storage and processing of personal data by Pujs d.o.o. collects from you when you subscribe to receive content such as e-notifications and invitations to events.



The controller of personal data in the sense defined by the EU General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data and the applicable law governing the protection of personal data – GDPR is:


Full name: Pujs, gostinstvo i oblasti servitelje, d.o.o.

Short name: Pujs d.o.o.

Address: Eipprova ulica 17, 1000 Ljubljana

Transaction account: SI56 6100 0000 9095 843 opened at Delavska hranilnica d.o.o.

Registration number: 6727905000

Tax number: SI 66251206 (VAT person)

Share capital: EUR 7,500.00


Phone: +386 1 320 08 04

The company was registered in the Business Register of Slovenia on 03/08/2006


Personal data and the purpose of their processing

Your e-mail address and personal data are recorded only when you send a message through your mail client or use the contact form on our website to send. It is used solely and exclusively to answer your inquiry.
The contact form sends only the data entered in the form to our email address. Entries are stored in our web server, mail client and internal database, and are not forwarded anywhere.

The company Pujs d.o.o. respects your privacy and is committed to collecting, storing and processing personal data carefully and in accordance with applicable regulations on the protection of personal data. In order to prevent unauthorized access to the obtained data or its disclosure, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to ensure their appropriate use, we use appropriate technical and organizational procedures to secure the data we collect. Pujs d.o.o. cannot rule out possible misuse of data, as the Internet is an unpredictable medium despite security measures and security communication protocols.




The personal data that you provide to us when signing up for the e-news is processed with your clear and unambiguous consent based on Article 6 (1), (a) of the EU General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR). In order to improve the quality of our products and services and for statistical purposes, in connection with the electronic messages we send you, we also process data on the display of received messages and clicks on links in received messages.

You give your consent to the processing of personal data by clicking “sign up” on the online order form to receive e-news on the website You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe from receiving e-news” link, which is located in the footer of every message you receive from Pujs d.o.o. or by e-mail to: In case of withdrawal of consent, we will no longer use your personal data to inform you about the contents of Pujs d.o.o. Any withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing of your personal data at the time before the withdrawal was given.


Your rights

In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access your personal data, the right to rectification, the right to deletion (“forgetfulness”), the right to portability, the right to request restriction of the processing of personal data and the right to object . You can request access to your data at any time via e-mail at

If you believe that your rights or regulations on the protection of personal data have been violated, you can complain to the competent state authority: Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana, telephone: 01 230 97 30, fax: 01 230 97 78, e-mail:




Personal data retention time

Pujs d.o.o. stores your personal data on the server of our web hosting provider ( for as long as it is necessary for the purpose of sending content (news and invitations to Pujs d.o.o. events) to which you have registered or ordered. In the event that you no longer wish to receive content from Pujs d.o.o. and unsubscribe from them or if you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data for this purpose, we will store your data in the Pujs d.o.o. system. blocked and we will no longer use your data for this purpose.

The retention period for personal data may vary depending on the applicable sectoral legislation (e.g. tax, accounting legislation). In the event that the applicable sectoral legislation specifies mandatory deadlines for the storage of personal data, Pujs d.o.o. deletes personal data after the expiration of the mandatory period prescribed by law.



What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that stores website settings. Websites store cookies on users’ devices with which they access the Internet in order to identify individual devices and the settings that users used to access the website. Cookies allow websites to recognize if the user has already visited this website, and in the case of advanced applications, individual settings can be adjusted accordingly. Their storage is under the full control of the browser used by the user – it can limit or disable the storage of cookies as desired.



Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services; the most common e-business functions would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, which makes browsing the website more efficient and enjoyable. There are several reasons for using cookies. They are used to store data about the state of the individual website (details about the customization of the individual website), help in the implementation of online services (e.g. online store), help in collecting statistics about users and visits to the website, about the habits of the online user, etc. With the help of cookies, we can therefore evaluate the effectiveness of the design of our website. You can also read the information commissioner’s guidelines for the use of cookies on the recommended and permitted use of cookies on websites, which can be found here.

The cookies we use on our website do not collect your personal data that could be used to identify you personally and cannot damage your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Cookies enable our website to function and help us understand what information is most useful to visitors.


Cookies on our websites:

cookieconsent_dismissed – indicates whether the user has accepted consent – expiration: 1 year


Google Analytics:

To increase the participation of our users via social networks, sales analysis and retargeting of users.



By using this website, you consent to this website setting cookies on your computer or mobile device.


Management and deletion of cookies

If you want to change the way cookies are used in your browser, including blocking or deleting them, you can do so by changing your browser settings accordingly. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only a certain type of cookie, or warn you that the site wants to save a cookie. You can also easily delete the cookies saved by the browser. If you change or delete your browser’s cookie file, change or reward your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again. The procedure for managing and deleting cookies varies from browser to browser. If you need help with this, you can look in the browser’s user help.


You can also disable Google Analytics tracking at the link here.


Instructions for editing cookies in individual browsers:

– Google Chrome here

– Internet Explorer here

– Safari here

– Firefox here

– Opera here


Announcement of changes

Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this website. By using the website, the individual confirms that he accepts and agrees with the entire content of this privacy policy.


Final Provisions

The law of the Republic of Slovenia and the law of the European Communities apply to legal relations between users and the provider. The competent court in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia is responsible for resolving any disputes.


Ljubljana, 22 October 2020


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